New Year, New Aspirations

It’s the first post of 2021! ❀

As tradition would have it, we have to start the new year off discussing goals and expectations for the year. I hope you all got a chance to view my 2020 review in my last blog post, but today I want to talk all things 2021. Obviously, we are treading lightly into this new year with life still being a big question mark. Though there are a number of things to be optimistic about, we don’t want to be overly ambitious with our expectations. However, I will never stop being overly ambitious with my personal goals.

Although I would love to lay out the different travel adventures and things I’d like to explore and get involved in in my city, only time will tell if we will get to that point this year. Instead, I’m going to touch on creative aspirations today. If you followed the blog the latter half of 2020 after my hiatus, content creation essentially became my new lifeline. It has given me the outlet I have been craving and seeing it grow has been so rewarding and inspiring. I started posting twice a week here on the blog and definitely saw a difference in my readership. For the month of December, I decided to do my own version of VLOGMAS which also entailed posting twice a week. It was challenging, but I demonstrated to myself that I could do it and have decided to keep it going this year! Of course, I will not always be able to stick to this schedule because life is not always that interesting, but I have seen the difference it has made in terms of reach and I want to see this blog and my YouTube channel continue growing.

Here is a snapshot of my end-of-year stats for my YouTube channel:

What’s not shown here is that one of my videos I posted in December hit over 1,000 views! This was a big milestone for me and further confirmed that this is something I should be dedicating even more of my time to as it brings me so much joy and excitement even after two years of [fairly] consistent posting. So what should we expect for 2021?

For starters, I will be keeping my posting schedule on the blog the same: Wednesdays and Sundays. Similar to what I said about my YouTube videos, sometimes there isn’t content to share both days every week, but I will do my very best. What is changing is my posting schedule on my channel: Thursdays and Mondays. After having this past month to test it out, I realized how easily content can get missed having a new blog post and video on the same day and not knowing when to promote each one to get its due attention. So when you’re missing me on the blog, you can head to my channel and see my face (and vice versa)! πŸ™‚

I have so many ideas for both platforms and additionally hope to improve in other areas of content creation like my Instagram, Photoshop, potentially upgrading my editing software, and eventually transitioning onto TikTok once I can get some travel content. Again, these are all aspirations, but I am confident. As I made clear in my 2020 review, my zest for life has been renewed amidst the darkness. For me, the sky is the limit and I’m living my life how I want which means doing more things that make me insanely happy rather than being defeated by the things I cannot control.

I ask this time and time again, but I would seriously love some feedback and comments on my platforms on what y’all would like to see. My social media can be found at the top of the screen if you are reading on desktop and at the bottom if you are reading on mobile. Also, don’t forget to engage with my videos (like, subscribe, comment) so I know what to continue or stop creating. What are some 2021 PERSONAL aspirations you have? I can’t wait to see what the year holds for us!
xx, AE

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