Eight years ago, I started this blog when I crossed the pond to embark on a semester abroad in London, England. It was not my first time out of the country, but I thought I would create a space to keep my family and friends updated on what I was doing. Little did I know it would turn into much more than a routine weekly update. I named it “Lex in the City” because it is a play-on-words of one of my favorite television series, Sex and the City. Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, however, I have had the opportunity to leave my heart in multiple cities across the world since study abroad. After a year of weekly YouTube videos and blog posts about traveling, I decided to dedicate this blog exclusively to travel…and then the pandemic hit.

img_4916Now, after two years of inconsistent traveling and subsequently inconsistent posting, I have decided to take this blog back to my roots: making it a personal journal. With this blog, and its affiliated social media, I hope to encourage others to see the world as more than what it is at face value. Whether it is traveling, doing a little self-reflection, or learning how to create a life for yourself in your own city, I hope that I can create that shared, safe space for all of life’s experiences and encourage everyone to live life to the fullest. We never know how much time we have, but we know that we can never get time back. I hope you all enjoy being on this ride with a fellow city girl!! 🙂

xx, AE

Disclaimer: The opinions shared on my blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.