2020: 1/10 Stars

One star for simply getting through it.

Happy (almost) new year, everyone! We are almost done with this year that we all hope to forget. Though tomorrow won’t warp us out of the Twilight Zone, it feels good to no longer see 2020 on a calendar at least. I think we can collectively agree that we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves when it comes to expectations for this new year, but I certainly gained a new outlook on life after the last 10 months.

Historically, I write a reflection on the year that is passing, but I decided to jazz it up this year and record a video:

This video encapsulates everything I want to say about the year, but I do want to thank you all yet again for another year of support. We’ll be going on SIX years in a couple of weeks which blows my mind. It has been an awesome year of growth for both the blog and my channel and I fully believe we can only go up from here. Had it not been for quarantine, I don’t know if I would have pushed my creative limits this year. Of course, without COVID there would have been more travel and, subsequently, more travel-related content to share, but this year has forced me to think outside of the box and engage my audience on various levels. I have no plans to stop creating other forms of content moving forward even when the world ‘opens up.’

I know I say it often, but I truly couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for the support I receive from all of you as readers. Thank you so much and I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year! ❤
xx, AE

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