2020: 1/10 Stars

2020: 1/10 Stars

One star for simply getting through it.

Happy (almost) new year, everyone! We are almost done with this year that we all hope to forget. Though tomorrow won’t warp us out of the Twilight Zone, it feels good to no longer see 2020 on a calendar at least. I think we can collectively agree that we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves when it comes to expectations for this new year, but I certainly gained a new outlook on life after the last 10 months.

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Going the Extra Mile

Exciting news! If you watched my most recent video, then you will have found out that I’ve decided to increase the number of videos I’m putting out this month. I decided halfway through filming this week’s video, so that lets you know that I do not have pre-planned content. While I did have a few things on my calendar already that I knew would make this month’s videos more exciting, this is going to be a challenge for me to create content at a faster turnover rate. It’s not quite a vlogmas, but maybe a Christmas special! πŸ™‚

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Content Creation–What Is It?

Content Creation–What Is It?

content creation: the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts

Ever since my return to YouTube, I have started to step fully into defining myself as a content creator. While I consider myself a blogger first, as it is something I have been doing for five and a half years now, I also realized that I have been consistently creating and editing YouTube videos for a year and a half now.Β  It only makes sense that I widen the umbrella as I continue to learn new skills on different platforms.Β Let’s also not forget the innate Millennial skill of being able to adapt to new social media as they arrive. But when it comes to compiling all of these skills and turning that into a career, the world of creating content isn’t as simply boiled down as the two-word title.
What’s the difference between an influencer and a content creator, for example? Is it the age-old conundrum that an influencer can be a content creator, but a content creator is not necessarily an influencer? Should people who work in social media be expected to also know graphic design, video editing, animation, etc.? If I do apply for a video editing job, am I expected to take over social media as well? This is all part of the confusion that I can personally say I am witnessing in job descriptions, advice webinars, and panel discussions about media. When I Google “What is a content creator,” the first page of results stem from personal blogs rather than major publications. The definition I pulled at the beginning of this post was one I found on Wikipedia which goes to show how new this realm really is, even to people who are considered to be a part of it. Continue reading “Content Creation–What Is It?”

Quarantine Comeback

I just wanted to provide a short update that I am really excited about. This past Thursday, I finally uploaded a video on my YouTube channel for the first time in three months!! I am so, so excited to be returning to posting videos regularly and even posting on here more frequently than before. I have been approaching my content creation schedule a lot differently this time around and this time off has been nothing short of helpful for me to get back into a creative groove.

You should definitely watch the video to find out what exactly you can expect to see on this blog and my channel moving forward as we continue to navigate quarantine and, as everyone calls it, our “new normal” for the foreseeable future. While you’re on my channel, go ahead and subscribe to start seeing my weekly videos–you can even watch all the travel content I created pre-COVID. You don’t need a YouTube channel to subscribe, by the way!! Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know in so many words that: I’m back.

xx, AE