Much Needed Getaway (Review)

Much Needed Getaway (Review)

At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend and I planned a two-week trip to London–a city we both have so many memories in and see as another home. This year, we both would have finally been able to attend Notting Hill Carnival and we had further plans to see other parts of Europe within the two-week timeframe. Obviously, this did not come to fruition or I would be there right now, but we still wanted to make use of this time off we had on our calendars. If you read my last post, you will know that I took some time off this past month and to close out my final week off, we headed two hours south of Dallas to LaRue, Texas to experience an overnight Getaway.

All cabins come with queen-sized beds
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“Using Your Niche to Build an Engaged Community,” a Webinar by Black Travel Alliance (Review)

This past weekend, I attended the first webinar hosted by the Black Travel Alliance. If you’ve never heard of Black Travel Alliance, here’s a little background from their website:

Black Travel Alliance is a new group of Black Travel Content Creators from across the globe. Our three pillars of the community are alliance, amplification, and accountability. As travel authors, bloggers, broadcasters, journalists, photographers, podcasters, social media influencers, and vloggers, we unify to amplify. We also aim to provide training and business support to our members, as well as hold destinations and travel brands accountable on the issue of diversity in travel marketing and storytelling.”

Black Travel Alliance launched in early June which was, in my opinion, such perfect timing. Though travel has not been an overwhelming priority for most people, it did not diminish the call to action for travel companies, agencies, businesses in aviation, etc. to confront the lack of diversity and inclusivity of people of color, especially black people, in their demographics. Because traveling is both for leisure and business, we need that representation on the other end of the phone or that email chain, or leading our tours, or owning our hostels, Airbnbs, and other accommodations. We need people who understand what it is like to travel the world with a built-in disadvantage; not just for people of color, but for disabled people, fat people, people whose first language isn’t English, and so on. They started a hashtag, #pullupfortravel, that gave specific companies 72 hours to respond with their demographic make up within their companies. They got a lot of responses and I genuinely think it’s because their activism went beyond social media. Black Travel Alliance aims to really enact change, so it was a no-brainer for me to support this cause.
I wanted to include all of this background because it is extremely important to note not only why I follow them, but why you should be following them too. It’s one thing to create a space for black travelers, content creators, and their allies to form an alliance, but it’s another to come out of the gate with an immediate call to action and actually seek change. Yes, you did read that right–you can be an ally and still join the Black Travel Alliance. This is a mission I could get behind and one you should too. Be sure to follow their Instagram (linked at the beginning) to learn more!

Their first webinar was called “Using Your Niche to Build an Engaged Community” and the presenter was Gabby Beckford of Gabby is 25 and her niche is Gen Z travel. She talked about how when she first started, nobody was interested in hearing from the perspective of Gen Z because they are young, they haven’t experienced a lot, and they don’t have their own money to ultimately contribute to the industries that were initially ignoring them. However, I think we have all seen with the boom of the influencer and the rise of TikTok that the Gen Z voice is HIGH in demand. So if the interest in Gen Z is so in demand and saturated, how does Gabby effectively use this as a niche? She would tell you by being specific, consistent, and committed. When you go to her Instagram, it’s in her name and bio that she is a resource for Gen Z travel. When you go to her website, it is in her mission statement and further supported by the content on her page. If you want to know about what Gen Z is doing in the travel industry, you go to Gabby, and that’s the whole point and advantage of establishing a niche.

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Abundance Goal Setting Session Powered by Bold Babes Co (Review)

With our world shifting to all things virtual, I am able to attend a lot more events that are hosted by organizations I really admire. While I would oftentimes try to attend these events in person previously, I found myself running into different scheduling conflicts or having to justify driving a far distance for only a couple of hours of my day. When these events are held after the work day, especially, it becomes easier to talk yourself out of it rather than rushing halfway across town. While the limitations to virtual events are those in-person connections and potential networking opportunities, it provides accessibility which is extremely important. I am not only given the opportunity to attend and learn, but I am also given the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. Further, I can help promote people and/or their work with the audience I have here which is the most fun part. 🙂

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Disclaimer: There are no pictures.

I’ve been sitting here all week trying to figure out where to start with this review post about my study abroad experience. I’ve actually written this whole thing before and it got deleted and now I have no idea what I wrote and what else I want to say so I’ll try to make this the best second-rate version that I can. It feels like you all have been on this journey with me week by week and have experienced every part of it, but I think about how much wasn’t posted, how many pictures you haven’t seen, and how much shorter and shorter my posts became. I even re-read my old blog posts and cringed at how poorly they were written and how I never went back and did the things I said I’d go back and do. It made me laugh, but it didn’t help me figure out where I wanted to start. As I re-packed my suitcases to decide what would stay in L.A. and what would go back to Dallas, I saw these past four months flash before my eyes: ticket stubs, plane tickets, polaroids, souvenirs, the clothes I never ever want to see again after rotating them on a weekly basis, and of course my journal that was strictly dated from January 7th to May 10th with only one day skipped. Is it possible to sum up the life-changing events of this semester in one blog post? Well, I’m going to try. Continue reading “Fin”