Lex at Home

Lex at Home

If you read my latest post about my return to YouTube, you will have heard in my YouTube video that I am having to pivot my content while we adjust to life without travel temporarily. Though it is 100% my priority to bring you as much travel-related content as I can, this means introducing more lifestyle content. In my video, I mentioned how I moved house about a month ago and this new home has already provided me with so many ideas for the near future. With that said, I have decided to create an entirely separate Instagram account to share home-related content called “Lex at Home.”
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Quarantine Comeback

I just wanted to provide a short update that I am really excited about. This past Thursday, I finally uploaded a video on my YouTube channel for the first time in three months!! I am so, so excited to be returning to posting videos regularly and even posting on here more frequently than before. I have been approaching my content creation schedule a lot differently this time around and this time off has been nothing short of helpful for me to get back into a creative groove.

You should definitely watch the video to find out what exactly you can expect to see on this blog and my channel moving forward as we continue to navigate quarantine and, as everyone calls it, our “new normal” for the foreseeable future. While you’re on my channel, go ahead and subscribe to start seeing my weekly videos–you can even watch all the travel content I created pre-COVID. You don’t need a YouTube channel to subscribe, by the way!! Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know in so many words that: I’m back.

xx, AE

Abundance Goal Setting Session Powered by Bold Babes Co (Review)

With our world shifting to all things virtual, I am able to attend a lot more events that are hosted by organizations I really admire. While I would oftentimes try to attend these events in person previously, I found myself running into different scheduling conflicts or having to justify driving a far distance for only a couple of hours of my day. When these events are held after the work day, especially, it becomes easier to talk yourself out of it rather than rushing halfway across town. While the limitations to virtual events are those in-person connections and potential networking opportunities, it provides accessibility which is extremely important. I am not only given the opportunity to attend and learn, but I am also given the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. Further, I can help promote people and/or their work with the audience I have here which is the most fun part. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of a webinar I attended and today, we are doing the same!! I attended a presentation called “Abundance Goal Setting” which was hosted by Bold Babes Co. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that Bold Babes Co. hosted the first event I attended as a formal blogger. I have since been following the organization’s journey through social media which leads us to present-day. Continue reading “Abundance Goal Setting Session Powered by Bold Babes Co (Review)”

“STAY-CATION,” a Webinar by The Black Travel Summit (Review)

Long time, no…write? If you read my last blog post, you would know I intentionally took a hiatus given the current climate. After making the decision to position this blog as more travel-centered, I was obviously at an impasse for providing interesting and relevant content. Until now, that is. I should say that you shouldn’t expect any trips in the near future and instead, like everything else in the world, the content on this blog may have to pivot for the time being. Still, I am so excited to feel inspired and motivated again after a month and some change of feeling like I’d hit a dead end. In travel-related news, I tuned into a webinar hosted by The Black Travel Summit this past Saturday called “STAY-CATION” and wanted to share my thoughts with you all!!

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