Fall in the House

We’re back with a fall update! Technically, we’re only a few days shy of being in the winter season, but I am officially six months into my lease and, as promised, I wanted to give y’all an update. As much as I want to say, “I can’t believe it’s been six months,” it has definitely felt that long. But, of course, not for negative reasons related to the house or my living partner…entirely. πŸ™‚

My feelings about the house have remained relatively the same over the last three months. We’ve really made it our own and are in those stages where we are needing to be more active about keeping things tidy. Not to mention, the colder weather has affected our motivation to get up early and tackle our other priorities which means cleaning usually falls to the wayside. Obviously, we are not living in a dirty house, but it certainly looks and feels more lived in than three months ago. Who doesn’t like a cozy house though?

Ultimately, only one issue has persisted through these six months. On particularly cold days (in or below the 40s), the lack of insulation surrounding windows and doors poses a problem. Both of us have to use personal heaters at our desk even when we have the heat on because our desks are next to windows and relatively close to the front door as well. For this same reason, I had issues staying cool in the summer because the air was escaping through these places of the house and the placement of vents continue to pose a problem; even with vents we have closed to allow for better circulation through the house, it still doesn’t quite do its job. For example, if you watched my living room tour on YouTube, you know that our living room is pretty long (split into two spaces), but there is only one vent for that space and it blows onto a wall. There’s no ceiling fan to help with air circulation and then two large windows bringing in a lot of sunlight. A huge design flaw, but one of the losses we’ve had to take with renting.

Aside from that, we’ve managed to make everything else work. Speaking of YouTube activity, you can tell I’ve found my footing and comfort in the home as I have created six videos alone in the last three months in the category of home-related content (Lex at Home) on my channel:

As I said before, there is no perfect home when it comes to renting, but we are both certainly much more happy in this house and rarely think about our former apartment complexes. Sure, experiencing a global pandemic has greatly outweighed the FOMO with not living in the city since there is nothing going on anyway. However, I think we would still feel this way as we would have hosted several get-togethers at the house by now, and it’s only a 20-minute drive to get in the heart of Dallas anyway. It appears we may never experience that within this lease term, but that is totally fine with me. As a final note, yes, living with my boyfriend has continued to be amazing. ❀ Every day, our bond and relationship grows stronger and it has been a much smoother transition than I could have ever anticipated. There is no one else I think I would have weathered this quarantine with this well and I feel extremely grateful every day that I did not have to experience this alone.

I think we can safely assume we’ll be in the house for at least another three months, so I’ll check in again then! πŸ™‚
xx, AE

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