Abundance Goal Setting Session Powered by Bold Babes Co (Review)

With our world shifting to all things virtual, I am able to attend a lot more events that are hosted by organizations I really admire. While I would oftentimes try to attend these events in person previously, I found myself running into different scheduling conflicts or having to justify driving a far distance for only a couple of hours of my day. When these events are held after the work day, especially, it becomes easier to talk yourself out of it rather than rushing halfway across town. While the limitations to virtual events are those in-person connections and potential networking opportunities, it provides accessibility which is extremely important. I am not only given the opportunity to attend and learn, but I am also given the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. Further, I can help promote people and/or their work with the audience I have here which is the most fun part. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of a webinar I attended and today, we are doing the same!! I attended a presentation called “Abundance Goal Setting” which was hosted by Bold Babes Co. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that Bold Babes Co. hosted the first event I attended as a formal blogger. I have since been following the organization’s journey through social media which leads us to present-day.
The Abundance Goal Setting session was led by Cassie Moore, a wealth coach who reimagined her relationship with money by using the power of manifestation, or law of attraction. I’m sure we have all used, or at least heard of, the law of attraction. One of the first “self-help” books I ever read and one that is widely popular through the globe is The Secret which is completely devoted to the power of the Law of Attraction. In short, it is the secret. The Law of Attraction, as defined in the book, is that “the complete order of the Universe is determined, including everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts.” This was really the root of her presentation.

cassie blog postCassie paid off $34,000 worth of debt in 16 months, or a little less than a year and a half. How did she achieve this, you ask? Using money manifestation!! Much like many people in the world who are skeptical of such dark magic, Cassie was not a believer in the idea that how you think about money affects how money comes into, or leaves, your life. Unlike many people, however, she decided to give it a chance because what do you really have to lose? She attempted a 21-day manifestation challenge where she told herself she would earn an extra $1000 in that timeframe; while she did not earn the full $1000, she earned $514 through checks and random refunds which showed her that there may be power in this. If you’re a skeptic, you have likely already checked out and chalked it up to chance, but if that were true, this concept would not exist in various teachings around the globe. Though Cassie chose to apply the law of attraction towards money, the main point is that changing her mindset changed her circumstances.

What she sought to emphasize in her presentation was that manifestation starts in the mind which further meant that managing money starts in our mind, not in our budget. Budgeting is great, but if we are constantly talking about how much money we don’t have or being fearful of spending, then that’s what we’re going to get back. She explained how the relationship we have with money is often a result of how we were taught to handle money growing up. The phrase “the rich always get richer” is really a nod to generational wealth and, ultimately, that money management is something taught. I am someone who is fearful of spending money. This perspective is a combination of the types of things I heard about money in my household growing up, as well as falling into unemployment and later in debt, and knowing what it is like to get down to a place where you are no longer feeling “comfortable.” I am only now starting to remind myself that money is a matter of exchange which means undoing 25 years of negative thinking.

Cassie has two strategies for manifesting more money into your life:

  1. Abundance gratitude
  2. Manifesting your dream money

Abundance isn’t always in reference to money. You can be abundant in love, success, and so much more. The only way to really experience abundance, however, is by being grateful. By adopting an attitude of gratitude, you are teaching yourself to have more positive thinking in general. For example, being grateful for the sun being out is one of the small ways we can display gratitude on a daily basis; eventually, you start becoming more grateful for a variety of things. Try verbally expressing gratitude toward your next paycheck and whenever money comes into your life. A result that Cassie saw once she started expressing gratitude toward her money was increased appearances of abandoned change on her walks, in parking lots, and other random places. I too started using the attitude of gratitude when the pandemic first hit so I could cope with anxiety and stress about the unknown and I definitely experienced a difference, especially in how I slept at night.
The second way to bring your “dream money” into your life is manifesting it through physical reminders of what you are aiming for. The most common method for achieving this is using sticky notes or having a target number on a piece of paper and keeping it in your wallet. You can take it a step further though!! One of Cassie’s suggestions was that if you are saving money for a big trip, for example, make your phone background your dream travel destination–it’s something you will look at the most every single day. The point is to hold yourself accountable and keep your eye on the prize. The last two years, I have created a vision board for certain things I want to experience or achieve. While money is never explicitly on there, many things that I want to have or experience are, and those images stick in my mind when I make decisions about spending money in other areas of my life.
Both of these methods are very simple and anyone can do them!!

You may not even realize that you are applying these methods to other parts of your life. Maybe you have put all of your energy into envisioning the job you want or the school you want to get into. Those are examples of using the law of attraction, but now you know that it can work for money too. Much like anything in life, we are never totally in control of the outcome. Furthermore, it is important to stress, just as Cassie did, that this is not an overnight success story. Again, money in particular is a matter of exchange, so it will always come and go. However, we cannot be afraid of when it goes so long as we are willing it back into our lives. If you are still a skeptic, I totally understand. Despite reading The Secret cover to cover many times and seeing the law of attraction work for other areas of my life (knowingly or unknowingly), I still have negative thoughts about money. But Cassie’s presentation was a physical reminder that I need to get back on track with my financial goals.

I want to thank both Cassie and Bold Babes Co. for hosting this goal-setting session. Right now, I am feeling both motivated and inspired to start setting goals again, even if the future is uncertain. ❤

xx, AE


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