Views From The Broad

Hey, guys! I hope those of you who had the luxury of a winter break thoroughly enjoyed it. As the new year has begun and we are slowly but surely getting back into the daily routine, I thought I would provide another art post.

As I’ve written in a number of posts, art museums have been a place of solace and inspiration for me. Aside from those reasons, I enjoy sharing the pictures I take for aesthetic purposes as well. A few weeks ago, my friend Ricardo and I visited The Broad which is a new museum in LA that features contemporary art and is completely FREE. Since it opened back in September, online reservations have essentially been sold out. To give you an idea, I wasn’t even able to see Yayoi Kusama’s infamous Infinity Room that most people attend to view. Thanks to my friend Kelley, however, I was able to snag two tickets before I left LA to even attend the museum at all.

 The museum was much smaller than I expected, but in hindsight, it was the perfect size to spend about as much time as you would like to in an art museum, enthusiast or not. Though I’d seen some of Andy Warhol’s art before, I got to see more of his works, Jeff Koons installations, Roy Lichtenstein and Kara Walker, who quickly became a new favorite. I loved the presentation of the museum: how the installations were within the walkways and how large portraits assumed their own places against the white walls rather than being all thrown together. It was obvious that the curating process was extremely meticulous in order to make an impression with the grand opening, and to maintain an almost equal amount of traffic even three months later.
If you’re looking for a cool museum to go to if you’re in LA, I highly recommend this one! There are fun installations that make for amazing pictures and the museum is also kid-friendly. For kids, I would recommend the room that features the art of Takashi Murakami;
. No matter how tempting it will be for all parties, please don’t forget that you can’t touch the art!




  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time
– Thomas Merton

Reader’s Note: Try to make a reservation online ahead of time before your visit. Many people cancel their reservations which opens spots to reserve. It’s also better to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation, but your reservation will not be affected if you arrive on time or even after.  If it says “sold out” online, you can still visit the museum and wait in a queue for when there isn’t as much traffic or for when people cancel/transfer their reservations when they cannot attend. 🙂

Author’s Note: The photos taken of me were taken by my friend and favorite photographer, Ricardo Gálvez. I have listed his Instagram handle below his photo (the last photo) where you can check out some of his AMAZING photography!

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