I thought the “title” for this post was fitting considering it will be about an art exhibit.

I was recently reminded of a special exhibit taking place at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and I am so glad I was because it actually ended this weekend. It is called “KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS.” Now if you know me, you know that I generally do not like contemporary art. Modern art and contemporary art are not the same, but the point is, I struggle to “understand” most contemporary (post-1960s) art. I remember reading years ago that contemporary art is basically “I could do that. But I didn’t.” The KAWS exhibit, however, was everything that I do enjoy about this style.
dsc03688dsc03687dsc03692dsc03712Everything was bright, bold and mind-boggling. I don’t try to go out of my way to make sense of artistic meanings and influences, but I will never pass up the opportunity to be dazzled by effort and execution. I think aside from the fact that you are being drawn in by something that is totally different, you are sat wondering, “How?” Was this a solo creation? Was this one person’s vision? What does it actually mean beyond what the brochure says?

I was definitely annoyed at the fact that I couldn’t have my friend Ricardo with me to take some awesome pictures. This was screaming for a photoshoot and really gave me Broad Museum vibes which made me kind of miss my friends in LA that would join me on these artistic adventures.Though this exhibit is now over, I still recommend visiting the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I went up to the second level briefly and there were some cool pieces up there (pictured below). Last time I was at this museum, I was viewing my friend Ana’s film premiere so it was cool to see what exactly this museum has to offer. Not to mention, the outside of the museum is designed to appear it’s submerged in water!
dsc03690dsc03696dsc03698dsc03717img_4700dsc03709dsc03708dsc03722dsc03727I think I want to bring art back into my blog. I had a couple of posts in the past–most recently in London–where I featured some cool exhibits that I saw. I know art is not everyone’s jam, but I find it to be a way to stimulate creativity and I suspect there are some more cool exhibitions in DFW. Let me know what you guys think!

xx, AE

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