A Gentle Reminder

Today’s post is simply a reminder to everyone to enjoy all parts of your life–the good and the bad. It is a dark time that we are all experiencing for various reasons. It is so easy to wallow in this darkness and expect someone to pull us out. While we will be experiencing gradual change over the next however many months (maybe years), we cannot resign our efforts. We especially cannot press pause on life. This absolutely is not a declaration for people to start living their lives ‘as normal as possible’ and throw caution to the wind with a global pandemic happening. Instead, see it as a reminder of having good health and having a fulfilling life, however you define it.
WhitewrightTX-31It feels we have been trekking through mud for the last five months with no end in sight. And honestly, who knows when the end will arrive or what an end will look like. But I know I have to keep going. I have to keep searching for new inspirations and meanings. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel that now more than ever, I have been receiving so many conscious and subconscious messages of how short life really is. Sometimes being aware of that fact feels suffocating while other times it feels humbling. This is one of those times where I’m humbled. I have been actively trying to find a positive outlook on life at the moment not just for myself and others, but also on behalf of those whose lives have been cut short this year. I always say to myself, I don’t want to wake up at 40 and think, “What if?” When I say this, I always relate it to certain experiences, but this heavily applies to relationships too. I also can’t walk anymore around assuming that turning 40 is promised. So, tell someone you’re thinking about them, that you love them, that you want to make amends if it’s been on your mind.
I don’t have the answer for the boredom, for the stress and anxiety, for the depression, or anything else that consumes the negative spaces in our minds day after day of this pandemic. However, I know that I am exhausted of waiting for “the perfect moment,” or to hit a certain milestone, or assuming that I won’t see specific changes in my life until I am a certain age to really start living the life I want. I know I don’t have much to do these days or anywhere to go or a vast amount of money to spend, but this continually negative mindset is no longer serving me. I am reminding myself life is precious and that these rollercoasters of emotion are signs of being human. Of being alive. Breathe in a little deeper, exhale a little longer, and take advantage of whatever physical capabilities you have. You don’t want to leave yourself wondering “What if?”
xx, AE

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