Cloud 9

I’m back in the skies and heading back to my third home.

I am currently sitting in Newark Liberty International Airport waiting to board a flight to London with my brother. While he is just going to visit, I am heading that way to start an internship where I will be a fashion journalist for a shoe company called Miista. I have told many people about this new summer adventure, but I felt I should finally put in writing what I am currently doing since my internship with Southwest ended.

Moving forward, I know that I previously hinted at new things coming for the blog and they are still on the way. With that, I will obviously feature what I’m up to at work and outside of work (unless you guys are tired of hearing about London). I did follow through with a new layout which is much more plain, and arguably less exciting in some ways, but I felt it was much cleaner and more appropriate for the direction I’m going in. Finally, I will return to posting on Sundays. I’m still trying to figure out what time of day works best for posting, but it will be weekly again.

I know I have been MIA, but I appreciate all of the nice comments from those of you who have kept up with my blog and have been inquiring about when I would return. I was off ‘the interwebs’ for a minute [with the exception of graduation posts] because I was trying to get some things in order, but I’m looking forward to picking back up again next Sunday. Until then…

xx, AE

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