Booked and Busy

Booked and Busy

Last year on my channel, I talked about how I joined a book club during the summer after being invited by my friend, Kelley. The creation of the book club was inspired by the BLM resurgence so that we could have open dialogue about race-related topics with guided discussion. We ended up finishing five books-fiction and non-fiction-in six months with each book touching on a similar and/or different social issue including race, gender, sexual orientation, war, generational trauma, and so on. This book club not only allowed me to have much-needed conversations with fellow people of color, but it also became a way for me to socialize during quarantine and make new friends! It has truly been one of the highlights of 2020. We are starting our sixth book, Homeland Elegies by Ayad Akhtar, this weekend and the hiatus we have had over the holidays made me realize how much I enjoyed the weekly cadence of reading.

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New Year, New Aspirations

It’s the first post of 2021! ❤

As tradition would have it, we have to start the new year off discussing goals and expectations for the year. I hope you all got a chance to view my 2020 review in my last blog post, but today I want to talk all things 2021. Obviously, we are treading lightly into this new year with life still being a big question mark. Though there are a number of things to be optimistic about, we don’t want to be overly ambitious with our expectations. However, I will never stop being overly ambitious with my personal goals.

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Self-Care Sunday

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? Baths? Meditation? Spending $200 online for a serotonin boost? Honestly, same. But self-care isn’t all about spending money and face masks-the beauty kind anyway. It’s about investing time and energy back into oneself. Don’t get me wrong-I am all about buying things that make me happy, doing my skincare routine, and having a glass of wine. However, after a rough, anxious week, I had to do a little extra work on myself to start feeling ‘normal.’

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Clausmopolitan: A Christmas Cocktail

Clausmopolitan: A Christmas Cocktail

Seeing as the name of this blog was inspired by Sex and the City, it’s only right that the drink I decided to jazz up this Christmas season was the infamous Cosmopolitan. The primary recipe for this was the Duke’s Cosmopolitan which I learned from watching Barefoot Contessa. I tried searching for the exact tutorial I watched on TV on YouTube, but I was unsuccessful, so keep reading to see what is different than the recipe she shared on her website.

The main difference between a traditional Cosmopolitan and a Duke’s Cosmopolitan is that it uses lemons instead of limes. A Cosmo uses triple sec or cointreau, but in her broadcast tutorial, she used orange liqueur which is what I opted to use as well. What you’ll need for this recipe is:

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