Lex at Home

If you read my latest post about my return to YouTube, you will have heard in my YouTube video that I am having to pivot my content while we adjust to life without travel temporarily. Though it is 100% my priority to bring you as much travel-related content as I can, this means introducing more lifestyle content. In my video, I mentioned how I moved house about a month ago and this new home has already provided me with so many ideas for the near future. With that said, I have decided to create an entirely separate Instagram account to share home-related content called “Lex at Home.”
At the beginning of quarantine, I already kicked off the “Lex at Home” series on my YouTube channel with the expectation of producing content in what many of us were led to believe would be a much more temporary situation. Though I went on hiatus right after it launched, I knew it was a series I could make use of in the future. Now that we know we are in this situation for the long-haul, especially here in America, I am able to give “Lex at Home” a full swing.
What I look forward to most with this second account is the fact that it can always continue growing alongside my main Instagram account and YouTube content. Whether I add or change decor in this house, move again next year, or eventually purchase a home in my name and renovate from there (~*the milllennial dream*~), there will always be something to show. Even once we are living in a safer world where we can be out and about freely again, we all still have to go home at the end of the day, and that will keep this train going.
For those who may not know about or be into content creation, are you thinking, “What’s the point of creating a second account? Isn’t that more work? Just put it all together on one page.” Earlier this year, I made it a point to define this blog and my YouTube channel under “travel,” and I have every intention of sticking to that. As I shared in my video, all content creators are adjusting their platforms during this time but ultimately retaining the identity of their brand. I want to do the same.
I write all of this to say that I hope you will follow and support Lex at Home. The good news is that if you follow me on this blog and on my YouTube channel, you will get all the content in one place.

xx, AE

P.S. Check out my latest video of setting up my home office–it can be found in the sidebar (desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile), or you can follow the link to my channel through my social media links on the page if you want to see even more content ❤

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