Virtual Vacations

I kept going back and forth about whether or not to write a full post dedicated to how we can work harder to support and uplift each other during this time of uncertainty. Ultimately, I ended up recording a video for that, but I also wanted to say something short and sweet here: the most overwhelming part of the crisis we are enduring is the uncertainty of every aspect of it. We are uncertain of how to fight or diminish this virus, we are uncertain of when there will be a viable vaccine, we are uncertain of how this will impact our economy in the long run, we are uncertain of the security of our jobs, and so on, and so on. But amidst all the negativity, people are certainly showing up for each other both physically and emotionally. Aim to be one of those people and do your part.

So, my original plan for this week’s blog post was to highlight events from this month considering it is Women’s History Month, but clearly, nothing has been going on. It does not mean that women are being less amazing because I know we are all still showing up and showing out during this time. But we have had to make do with transitioning to virtual life.

Speaking of virtual life, I have been thinking to myself, “How can I be creatively productive during this time,” as well as, “How can I provide entertainment and joy to others?” I was honestly stressing out about how I can create content for you guys during this time, but after taking a week off, I realized that the content is already there.

A big mistake that I would argue us Americans are especially making is encouraging this belief/ideal that those working from home are on vacation and need to be doing additional work or creating another revenue stream. Y’all know those “rise and grind” posts *eyeroll*. While, yes, exploring options and reviewing your current career standing are not crazy ideas at the moment for the sake of security and preparedness, this is not a vacation and people are not necessarily working less just because they are at home. But if you are needing a vacation that you know will likely not be available right away once we are all “going back to normal,” that’s where I come in!

As you all know, I have travel vlogs where I try to take you along with me as much as I can on my adventures. It has been so much fun learning to navigate the world of vlogging over the last year or so, and I have loved seeing its progression as I help transport my followers around the world. If this sounds like your jam, you need something to help you “escape” on your lunch break, or you want to temporarily forget your surroundings if you are working from home, here are a few of my favorites I have ever done:

Barcelona (2018)
London (2019)
Maui, HI (2019)
Cabarete, DR (2019)

I recognized that it would be a dismissive move to not continue to promote my own work that I worked so hard on. Each of these videos, and all of the other videos on my channel, took a lot of my time to capture, edit, and compile in order to carry out my creative goal to center my blog and YouTube channel around travel. Even more importantly, I love what I am able to create for you all, regardless of its level of engagement. Though my opportunities are a little limited at the moment, this is a great time to reflect on what I have done and utilize that to bring even the tiniest bit of joy to anyone out there who just needs a little break. And a woman taking pride in her work is a good note to share to close out Women’s History Month too, right?

I hope at least one of you is able to have a little laugh from the silliness of me and my friends in these videos. Does anyone have any hopeful destinations to visit this year or when we are freely and safely able to? Let me know in the comments!! ❤
xx, AE

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