The Last Call

What happens when your best friend graduates from a university in a different country? You attend, of course.

I always said I would save up to fly to Edinburgh to go to my best friend Naomi’s college graduation. As fate would have it, I am fortunately already in the U.K. so I hopped on a train down to Scotland this past Wednesday night. This was honestly a weekend for the books. While it mostly consisted of sitting around and watching reality TV, it felt so much like home. A completely stress-free weekend full of home-cooked meals, sightseeing and endless laughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my time with my second family, regardless of the fact that I got hailed on (no, seriously, we were attacked by hail). Not to mention, I’m still not over how beautiful Edinburgh is ❤
Quick little day trip to Glasgow!
Congratulations, Naomi!! I love you forever!!

xx, AE
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