Pass That Dutch

Guess who spent eight hours in Amsterdam alone?

This actually happened last weekend, but I have had a crazy, full week of activities so I haven’t gotten around to posting. While I love London to the extent that I don’t mind staying here all the time, I did feel weird about not having traveled (with the exception of Scotland) during my whole time here. I knew I couldn’t make it to Berlin so I decided on Amsterdam.
For £50, I took a 12-hour bus journey to the Netherlands and let me tell you…it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Between the man next to me that had BO, the couple opposite me who were constantly making out or eating sour cream & onion Pringles, and the seasickness from the unprecedented ferry ride, I definitely had an emotional breakdown at 3:00 in the morning. I didn’t know what to expect from the journey, but that certainly wasn’t it. Let’s just say I was more prepared for the ride home.
When I finally arrived in Amsterdam, I had a minor panic about everything being in Dutch and not being able to pronounce anything in the event that I needed that information. But once I got to Centraal Station, everything was okay. I spent most of the day just walking around because I forgot free museums were only a UK thing and didn’t budget for it. Not to mention, the Anne Frank House, my main attraction, was impossible to see with the short time that I was there so the only thing I did was visit the Torture Museum and the I amsterdam sign.

As you can see, the real sign was far too crowded to get a good picture so this was second best 🙂

Thankfully, the weather was perfect for me (overcast) so I could comfortably walk around the city and take as many canal pictures as possible.
To answer the underlying questions: the Red Light District didn’t have anything going on, I didn’t stop at a café, and the tulips were out of season even if I had the time to see them. All in all, I thought the city was beautiful and quaint. I loved the scenery and that everyone gets around by biking. I would love to come back some day and make a full weekend of it as I hear the nightlife is pretty fun, but I do not intend on traveling here, or anywhere, by myself again.
Ultimately, traveling alone internationally was not the experience I anticipated. Some memories are just meant to be shared and while I’m happy I have Amsterdam in my memory bank, I can’t wait to recreate it someday.

xx, AE

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