The Beginning of Last Firsts

Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but that was due to a combination of not having much to discuss and also already being swamped with work at school. I started my last first day of college on August 24th and it was weird to think that would be my last beginning of the year. We’re only moving into the third week, but even that’s kind of unbelievable. Awesome, awesome things have been happening so far, however. I joined the writing staff for the university newspaper, Daily Trojan, as a columnist for the Lifestyle section and a blogger for “The DeeTs” section. I had my first article posted this past Tuesday followed by another article the next day (yes, those are links to my articles)! It was really exciting and from what my schedule looks like, it appears I will have a new article just about every week. 🙂 I am very ecstatic to take this on this semester and get better at the one thing I enjoy doing frequently.
In other news, I went to the 626 Night Market in Arcadia this past Friday to see my friend Leo perform. Though it was quite the drive to get there, we got there early enough to beat the long lines and get some great food and drinks. The market carries mostly authentic Chinese food, but there was still a lot to choose from. The main event began at 7:30pm when Leo finally performed his brief, but incredible set. He sang a couple of covers, but sang more of his originals. What I love about Leo’s music, aside from his voice, are his lyrics which really touch on topics that are personal to him and different from mainstream love songs. I’ve always been so proud of Leo and regarded him as an amazing singer, but he just continues to get better as he gets more practice performing and I feel like a proud mom whose child is growing up. Great job, Leo!
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IMG_2060 IMG_2061DSC02796 DSC02798

Finally, I had my last first football game last night. 😦 It was a MESS trying to get into the game and resulted in us missing the Navy Seals’ epic entrance, but we eventually got in after about an hour of moshing and yelling at security guards. We played an amazing game against Arkansas (55-6), though I left in the third quarter to get boba before everything closed since the game started at 8:00pm. I’m really anticipating the upcoming season partially because I have more variety of SC gear to choose from and partially because it’s my last season and I feel like I will be more into it. I’m also hoping this season will be better than the last three awful seasons I’ve endured. Here’s to [hopefully] a fantastic football season and rest of my senior year!
IMG_2063 IMG_2069 IMG_2072 IMG_2083 IMG_2084 IMG_2088

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