January Favorites

January Favorites

If you are at all interested in what I find interesting, please keep reading!

I cannot believe it is already the end of January, but I am looking forward to February so I guess part of me was waiting for it to be over. Though this may not be of interest to anyone, I felt I would share some of my ‘favorites’ from the month.

Favorite activity: seeing the KAWS exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Though this exhibit ended last weekend, I think this museum is pretty interesting and worth checking out. There is a ton of space inside for cool pictures and there is a lot of parking. The design in the building, as linked above in my previous post, is also really cool! Not to mention, the museum offers a student discount and is half off on Wednesdays. I am interested to see what exhibitions will be on this year.

Favorite outing: drinks at The Cedars Social

The Bee’s Knees (left) and Pimm’s Cup No. 1 (right)

dsc03684I went here with my friend Ilse to celebrate her completion of flight attendant training. Besides the fact that free parking is a huge plus for me, especially as you ease into downtown, it is such a cool atmosphere. It definitely has more of a lounge feel than a bar. We went on a Monday night so obviously there were not many people there, but the drinks were great and I would love to see how it is on weekends. Will definitely be returning. Continue reading “January Favorites”