I Graduated…Again!

So, I have a master’s degree now!Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

When I graduated with my bachelor’s back in 2015, I was so sure I didn’t want to go back to school. I absolutely love learning, but I always felt that true learning experiences were far less common than memorization contests while in high school and college. I said I would never invest in another degree unless I knew for sure what I wanted to go back for. Now, I have a lot of interests that I could have (and probably should have) pursued, but I had a fear that I would lose my love and passion for the subjects as this sadly happened while pursuing my undergraduate minor in music industry. Fortunately and unfortunately, I had an experience during my job that inspired me enough to follow the old saying: If you want something done right, do it yourself. Continue reading “I Graduated…Again!”

Hitting Home

Hitting Home

About two weeks ago I had my college graduation.

I could say so many things about what graduation meant for me. When you push the stress of graduation day to the side, you start to unravel the sentimental value of it. I am constantly thinking about all of the things I wish I did during college or at least did differently. Obviously, had none of my experiences happened in the way that they did, I wouldn’t know what I know now. Still, I wish I was more adventurous, more social, more invested in my own participation of my college experience rather than having others define it for me. On the same note, I feel more liberated, having been a graduate for almost six months now, because I can recognize these things and grow from them. I’m not here to thank USC for anything, but rather the people I’ve met—friends, co-workers and educators alike—for teaching me so many unforgettable lessons in this thing we call life. So, here are four lessons from four years: Continue reading “Hitting Home”