Travel Withdrawals

The past few days, I have been reminded through social media of memories that took place at this exact same time: five years ago, I was in San Francisco for the first time.
Four years ago, I was finishing up my internship abroad in London.
Three years ago, I was exploring Boston with my friend, Brad.
Two years ago, I was a couple of days out from my family trip to LA.
Last year, I was preparing for my trip to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic with my friend, Ilse.
In a couple of weeks, I would have been on my way to London again on a two-week trip with the plan of country-hopping in Europe. As if I don’t already spend all of my free time thinking about traveling, these memories have hit me harder than I could have imagined. Continue reading “Travel Withdrawals”

Time Travel, Space Travel, ..TV Travel?

As the light in my dreams of traveling anywhere any time soon gets dimmer and dimmer, I have found myself traveling through TV. Of course I live for the travel shows that intentionally transport us to far away lands with all the tourist attractions and food-indulgence galore, but I’m talking internationally-based TV shows. If you are someone like me whose interest in travel extends beyond just seeing the sights and centers on hearing the beauty and flow of other languages, then keep on reading. I have some favorite shows I have been obsessed with that I would like to recommend (in no particular order): Continue reading “Time Travel, Space Travel, ..TV Travel?”

Virtual Vacations

I kept going back and forth about whether or not to write a full post dedicated to how we can work harder to support and uplift each other during this time of uncertainty. Ultimately, I ended up recording a video for that, but I also wanted to say something short and sweet here: the most overwhelming part of the crisis we are enduring is the uncertainty of every aspect of it. We are uncertain of how to fight or diminish this virus, we are uncertain of when there will be a viable vaccine, we are uncertain of how this will impact our economy in the long run, we are uncertain of the security of our jobs, and so on, and so on. But amidst all the negativity, people are certainly showing up for each other both physically and emotionally. Aim to be one of those people and do your part.

So, my original plan for this week’s blog post was to highlight events from this month considering it is Women’s History Month, but clearly, nothing has been going on. It does not mean that women are being less amazing because I know we are all still showing up and showing out during this time. But we have had to make do with transitioning to virtual life.

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Big, Easy Celebrations

Big, Easy Celebrations

I went back to The Big Easy this week, y’all! I mean, I literally landed back in Dallas this morning. This past Thursday was my mom’s birthday and I knew I wanted to take her on a trip, so I voluntold her to join me in New Orleans which is a place she has never been to before. Wednesday also happened to be the five year anniversary of this blog, so we had two things to celebrate this week. Celebrate, we did!

This is my third time coming to New Orleans and each time has offered a different experience. If you read my Guide to Winter Travel post, you know that New Orleans was one of my suggestions because, like many southern cities, the temperatures are more manageable. After having visited this city in the dead of summer and then in fall, I can confirm the city is just as alive in the winter time, especially as they gear up for Mardi Gras. To save time on repeating essentially the same blueprint I did the first time I came here, I will share what we did differently and what I would recommend:
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