Boss Babes Happy Hour

This past Friday, I decided to take the plunge and go to a creative and entrepreneurial event hosted by Dallas Girl Gang at The Riveter. As you all know, I went to my first event as a blogger about two years ago and sadly, I have sat on the sidelines a bit in the ‘networking’ area of my life while I was working through school and other things in my personal life. However, if you saw my first video of this year, you all know that I am determined to really fuel my creativity. Attending more events that connect creatives and entrepreneurs, especially women, is exactly the way to accomplish that. Enter: Dallas Girl Gang x The Riveter Boss Babes Happy Hour!!IMG_4452IMG_4451
Originally, I was going to attend the event alone, but my friend, Jane, decided to purchase a ticket as well. I did spend the first 30 minutes by myself to get content for my channel and Instagram and the pictures for this post while people were still trickling in. Getting there a little early actually paid off in the sense that I was able to walk around freely and get a first look at everything. I actually ended up running into another person I knew, Brynna, who did my first-ever facial before I left for the Dominican Republic. If you’re in Dallas, be sure to check out her page and her salon’s page to book an appointment because she did WONDERS for my skin!!

I loved, loved, loved the location for this event and it gave me many ideas should my creative ventures take off in the way I hope. The Riveter is a woman-owned co-working space originally founded in Seattle that has now branched to different sites across the country. This space was the perfect setting for this event not only due to its central location here in Dallas, but also its spaciousness and layout to host a panel and audience, a photobooth, and spaces for vendors to set up.IMG_4455
There was a 45-minute panel hosted by one of the founders of Dallas Girl Gang, Amanda, featuring Marrica Evans, Alexandrea Cohen, and Amanda Montgomery. All of these ladies have different professional backgrounds, but have all used social media and other creative formats to elevate their brands and businesses. What I personally loved about these panelists is that they were all very relatable and demonstrated how having a traditional 9-to-5, if that is your current situation, doesn’t mean that you leave creativity at the door. Be sure to follow The Girl Gang Podcast to be updated when the full session drops!!IMG_4449
Overall, I had SO much fun at this event!! Though I didn’t make as many connections as I would have liked, I am feeling encouraged to continue attending events like these to find my groove and start expanding my network. I can’t wait to see what else is going to be on this spring. 🙂

xx, AE

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