Keeping it ‘100’

It’s my 100th post!

Naturally, fate would have it that my 100th post would have a focus on my YouTube channel. By the way, if you aren’t already subscribed, you should do that now! So, the title of this post comes from the basis of a series I started this week on my channel called, “Let’s Unpack.” The premise of this series is to discuss, or ‘unpack,’ personal experiences I have had in my travels, but with the help of my friends who, too, have had the opportunity to travel often. Each episode will center around a theme with the first episode talking about my experience interning abroad; I filmed this with my intern abroad roommate, Colleen, who has become one of my best friends and was also featured in my Barcelona vlog.

As a disclaimer, everything expressed in these videos are our personal opinions based on our personal experiences and encounters–hence ‘keeping it 100.’ I thought it would be great for you all to see something beyond the vlogs and from various points of view. Though I created the channel to be an extension of this blog in order to bring my travels to life, I am also transparent about other things that I go through on this platform. I just want to continue that trend when it comes to talking about certain aspects of traveling. Not to mention, it’s nice to have content for the huge chunks of the year when I am not gallivanting from place to place.

I haven’t established a cadence for the release of these videos. Frankly, the struggle is coordinating filming with the people I want to feature in each video, but I have a ton of ideas that I am so excited to share with you all. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a YouTube account to subscribe to my channel, I always update my sidebar on here and all updates are shared on the Lex in the City Facebook page as well as my Instagram.

And in the spirit of honesty, I also want to take a final moment to tell–or remind–you of the other pseudo-series I have going on my channel called “Lex Behind the Lens.” The inspiration for this came from my trip to Baltimore last year around this time and I set out to track my mental health journey by doing exactly as I do on here, but in front of a camera. It’s just monthly updates of my progress and how I’m navigating through this thing called life. I call this a pseudo-series because I really don’t know where it will go, but right now, I am fully focused on sharing this personal journey.

I would greatly, greatly appreciate any subscriptions, likes, or follows. Either way, I am having so much fun creating new content and I hope y’all are enjoying it! Honetly, it’s just nice to see my channel becoming a true reflection of what I do on this blog πŸ™‚

xx, AE

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