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Happy Sunday!

When I was younger, I never explored my city. This was mostly because I couldn’t drive until I graduated, and all we ever wanted to do as teenagers was meet up on the street near our school and feel like we were actually doing something. In actuality, we were mostly just going to the same places to eat, but those are some of my fondest memories. Now, I’ve made it a point to create some new memories in new parts of Dallas as an adult.
Going into Dallas is never an enjoyable drive, but it feels really cool to now go there on a whim. I feel like I can do more now that I am not only 21, but out of college. I can’t explain why, but I feel this sense of freedom in having completed school and entered “the real world.” I feel this part of my life is a new chapter where I am creating personal memories for myself. This week, however, I didn’t have to share this memory alone.

On Wednesday, I finally visited the Bishop Arts District with my friend, Lisa!
We grabbed lunch at this delicious spot called Pier 247. It was a seafood joint and the jumbo shrimp and catfish were amazing. Not to mention, they had a great throwback playlist going on. I would recommend going at lunch, however, as it is a bit pricey in the later hours. We then walked around taking pictures and enjoying the midweek calmness of the area.
I think my favorite place we stumbled upon was this house converted into a coffee shop-bookstore hybrid called The Wild Detectives. It’s this orange house with quirky furniture out front and a wide array of books and records inside. If I lived in this area, I could see myself coming here to study or just chill out on a nice day.
It was much smaller than I thought, but I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the Bishop Arts District. It is your typical hipster hub of endless coffee shops and street art, but it is also home to a lot of small businesses. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity, many of these businesses have started to move out as rents are skyrocketing. While I am excited to see what expansions will be made, I do hope the authenticity doesn’t fade. I can’t wait to come  back to this part of town to try out more of these restaurants.
What are some of your favorite places to visit in Dallas?

Reader’s Note: If you’re planning to visit the Bishop Arts District, your best bet for parking is the parking lot alongside Oddfellows on 7th Street (and be sure to stop inside!). Lisa saved my life with this tip!

AE, xx

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