Feeling SAD

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist. You should always seek professional help before self-/misdiagnosing.

Today is Daylight Saving (excluding Hawaii and most of Arizona) which is usually the first sign of reality that we are entering the dark and cold months of the year. Though many states have already been experiencing winter-like weather, the addition of early sunsets makes the transition that much more ‘real.’ Even here in Texas, we have spent this past week mostly in the 40s with rain. I have to say, personally, this is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to that extra hour of sleep this day allots. However, I know that many people dread this time of year and even experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD–aptly named.

According to Psychology Today, “Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a type of recurrent major depressive disorder in which episodes of depression occur during the same season each year. This condition is sometimes called the “winter blues,” because the most common seasonal pattern is for depressive episodes to appear in the fall or winter and remit in the spring.” On the surface, it appears SAD can affect most people as we receive less daylight in the fall and winter and we all know Vitamin D plays a major role with our energy levels. Even during daylight hours, there are a lot more days of gray skies and unpleasant weather. Despite SAD affecting 10 million Americans, more commonly in women, “to be diagnosed with SAD, an individual must meet criteria for major depression coinciding with specific seasons for at least two years.” Still, many people can have the symptoms or have a mild version of SAD.

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Thank You!

Hi, everyone!! If you are following my Instagram or the official Lex in the City Facebook page, you will have seen that I reached 100 follows on my blog on Monday!! It’s not ground-breaking per se, but that’s not going to stop me from celebrating this win. πŸ™‚

Last week, I wrote a post about how I have felt stuck creatively and more specifically on the blog. It has of course prompted me to confront the ever-looming question of “Should I keep doing this,” or “Am I wasting my time? Who even reads blogs anymore?” But seeing that there are at least 100 of you with WordPress accounts that officially follow me, and at least a couple more that take the time to visit my page to read my new posts, these are reminders that I DO have an audience and I SHOULD keep posting.

Since getting back on a regular posting schedule in July of one to two posts per week, I have gained roughly 30 followers, so that shows me consistency definitely makes a difference. I would love to maintain the biweekly (twice per week) posts which is why I am so eager to claw my way out of this creative rut. My insights also show that the majority of my readers come from Facebook and Internet searches. Since recently learning a little more about SEO, I have definitely been trying to optimize my posts, and now I have my sights set on reaching even more people. I figure, “Why limit myself?”

I really just want to reiterate that you all have no idea how much it means to me when I receive messages or comments complimenting my writing. When I say, “thank you,” I mean it with every fiber of my being. Though I have been doing this for nearly six years, it really doesn’t feel like it has been that long. I still feel strange accepting these compliments as though I don’t consider myself a real writer. As if I am a fraud. But if I learned anything from my own video about overcoming impostor syndrome, I am a writer. Accolades, degree, portfolio or not, I have had a pen to paper (or cursor to document) since I was eight years old and I don’t intend on stopping. So, this one is for all of you.
Thank you, thank you, and if I haven’t said it enough, thank you! β™₯️
xx, AE

Hitting a Wall

Hitting a Wall

Serious question for my readers: what do you all do when you hit a wall? More specifically, a wall with creativity.

I feel I have hit a bit of a plateau on the writing front. I can’t tell if it’s because I have genuinely run out of things to write about or if there’s a voice telling me not to waste time because people don’t read blogs anymore. My gut reaction is that I am just struggling to find compelling things to write about during this time. Although, it certainly doesn’t help that blogging isn’t that *hot* anymore. It is obviously a stagnant time, but even the content I am filming on my YouTube channel–ideas which seem to be continuously flowing–don’t seem to translate here. While before I was struggling with finding travel-related content, I am now at a stand-still with all content! I guess considering I have had this blog for over five and a half years, this lull is a natural state. So I turn to you: as readers of my blog, what do you want to read?

This isn’t the first time I have prompted this question to my audience, but I am asking for a genuine response. As much as I write for my own enjoyment, the momentum comes from what you enjoy as well. Please, please let me know what you would like me to write about! It doesn’t have to be travel-related necessarily, just topics that you think are relevant and are reflective of the person you have come to know on this site for the last five and a half years. If you don’t have specific topic suggestions, I’m open to suggestions on how to rekindle creativity when you feel stuck. You can also DM me on my Instagram or my Facebook page. I look forward to reading your comments!
xx, AE

Changes Like the Weather

Changes Like the Weather

Happy fall, everyone!! It’s finally my favorite time of year, but it will unfortunately be another season spent in the house as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. It’s kind of a weird thing to wrap your head around that it has been nearly seven months of this and even weirder when you realize that we went into quarantine before it officially turned spring. Every day seems like it’s the same, yet when you zoom out and look across the past six months, so many tragedies have happened. It seems every time we joke that this year can’t get any worse, it does. The days blur into each other as we brace for impact for the next devastating headline. Has it always been this way, or are we really in the twilight zone?

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