Away We Go!

First things first, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and reiterate how excited I am for this new year and new decade (if you haven’t read my last post)! Thank you all for keeping up with me for yet another year. If you haven’t seen my first video of the year on my YouTube channel, it is linked in the sidebar. πŸ™‚

Since I ended 2019 with a reflective post, I wanted to start off this year with some travel-related content. This holiday season, Away luggage installed a pop-up here in Dallas as it prepares to open a flagship store. I’m sure everyone has seen those pink hard-shell suitcases in the airport or being advertised on Instagram. Away founders, Jennifer Rubio and Stephanie Korey, were inspired to launch Away in 2015 after doing some extensive travel and finding that their luggage could not stand the test of time. Now, the luxury luggage brand is opening flagships around the country.

As someone who has shifted their ‘brand’ to be mostly travel in the last year, I knew I had to check this out. Though I am a product of my generation, I slack in the area of paying for convenience. I am not the biggest fan of online purchasing. Online shopping? Yes. I love browsing online and getting ideas and lists together. But online purchasing? No. I very much prefer to be tangible with things that my money is going toward and remove the hassle of waiting for packages with the potential to (a) be lost or (b) have to be returned. I can really go on and on, but basically, this pop-up was the perfect excuse for me to get eyes and hands on these high-ticket items.

Though Away has a generous return policy, I loved being able to get up close and personal and really visualize carrying these pieces of luggage. Luggage is supposed to be an investment and you want to know it will last. As someone who travels often, I needed to know if these were actually quality items or if they were just trendy. And the verdict is in.

The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, and The Large

I am definitely a bargain hunter when it comes to luggage because, despite how they are handled at the airport, I am not rough with my luggage. My current luggage set has been with me since 2012 and I am only now needing to consider replacing my biggest suitcase. After getting a feel for these pieces, I can confidently say I felt a difference between their quality and my own pieces–in a good way. However, I did find them to be a bit on the small side for what you are paying for. The Carry-On which is the standard size doesn’t have much depth and that is something I need because of the types of items I pack. Away does offer a lifetime warranty though, so that is something you would not get with other luxury brands.

If I were to purchase from Away, I would get:
1. The Carry-On with Pocket
2. The Expandable Carry-On
3. The Large

The Aluminum series

At first glance, these pieces of luggage seem plain due to their minimal design, but they all offer something unique. The Carry-On with Pocket gives extra room that The Carry-On does not have as well as the removable portable charger–the main selling point of The Carry On; The Expandable Carry-On offers the additional pocket as well as an option to expand the case, but sadly does not have the portable charger; and finally, The Large is just the basic form of the largest suitcase, but comes with a laundry bag and a magic eraser for scuffs and marks and arguably the only size I felt could hold my stuff.

Realistically, I can only really afford their Everywhere Bag or the Mini set ($75), if only for the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil which comes inside it with other travel-sized items.
The Mini: this item is not currently on their sites, but will hopefully be reinstated as a regular item and not just a holiday special.

Despite not walking away with an item, I can relax knowing a new flagship will be opening March 17th on Knox Street where the pop-up was hosted. I love the idea that should I land into enough money to purchase one of these products, I can walk in the store and walk out with the piece that day. Also, who knows what colors they may be kicking up for the new decade! Overall, I was impressed by the brand and it is also cool that it is a woman-owned brand. If it is within your budget or something you feel is worth investing in, I highly recommend at least stopping by the store once it opens and speaking with the very knowledge staff. I’m sure there is a piece that fits one of your travel needs!

xx, AE

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