Colors by the Crescent

My friend, Ilse, told me about another cool pop-up happening in Dallas called “Psychedelic Robot.” After my amazing experience at the Sweet Tooth Hotel, I knew I wanted to check it out. Seeing as it was only on for nine days, I immediately purchased a ticket for me and my mom and we made our way over.

This exhibition was so cool. Though similar to other pop-ups I see online with neon, paint splatter, and a pool of all of the colors of the rainbow, it featured all of the artists’ personal work alongside their curated pieces for this show. That was arguably my favorite part. As expected, it is interactive (meaning you can touch things and sit on things) and there are PLENTY of photo ops. In fact, they encourage it!
In the FAQ, it is stated that you have an hour time slot, but all of the attendants encouraged us to stay longer and did not hover. It may be different at more popular hours (i.e. after business hours when the majority of people can attend), but the earlier slots with less traffic definitely allow more time to move about and really explore all of the works.
Something really cool that I was informed about when I was leaving was that at night, it really turns into a social scene. There is a bar on the second floor and people stay around and mingle. There is also a wish tree in Wishlandia where you can write on a piece of paper what you wish for. Reading those were so interesting, especially the adorable ones from little kids.

I am so glad that Dallas is picking up on this trend. I understand most pop-ups are designed for social media gratification and ultimately, you can pay a lot for a little, but I would argue that this exhibition felt different. With Sweet Tooth Hotel, it was timed with announcements of how much time was winding down. There was much more limited physical space, so I could understand the fire hazard of just having an open door policy, but I also felt like it was trying to emulate exhibitions in other states where it has this level of exclusivity to it.
As announced last week, Psychedelic Robot will be continuing their exhibition through November with new themes to come with the holidays coming up. I cannot wait to attend again later this month to see how it will look for Halloween!! Upcoming exhibits will also be $35, but if you have a valid student ID, you can get the discounted price of $25.
I can’t wait to go back!!

xx, AE

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