Emily in Paris (Review)

Emily in Paris (Review)

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers!

It’s about that time that a new Netflix original series takes the Internet by storm, and it is no coincidence that a story about an American girl in her 20s who becomes an influencer while already working for a luxurious Parisian marketing firm reached the top of the list. And did I mention it was created by the same creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star? Now, I had my apprehensions because Darren Star also created Younger and I did not like it. I hadn’t watched any trailers for Emily in Paris, but my friend and trusted TV source, Ana, told me to give this show a go and I did. Twice.

If you read my post this summer about TV shows, you already know what kind of show instantly draws my attention: dramatic, unrealistic, witty/shady leading women, and, of course, anything set in a different country. Quite frankly, I will really watch anything, so I am definitely not someone to look to for recommendations of a certain ‘caliber,’ but what you will always get is an in-depth, unfiltered review from me that is solely influenced by my feelings. So, let me share mine about Emily in Paris. I will repeat, this post includes spoilers.

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Time Travel, Space Travel, ..TV Travel?

As the light in my dreams of traveling anywhere any time soon gets dimmer and dimmer, I have found myself traveling through TV. Of course I live for the travel shows that intentionally transport us to far away lands with all the tourist attractions and food-indulgence galore, but I’m talking internationally-based TV shows. If you are someone like me whose interest in travel extends beyond just seeing the sights and centers on hearing the beauty and flow of other languages, then keep on reading. I have some favorite shows I have been obsessed with that I would like to recommend (in no particular order): Continue reading “Time Travel, Space Travel, ..TV Travel?”