Birthday in The Bay

I spent my birthday in my all-time favorite U.S. city: San Francisco!

It was a quick turnaround, but well worth the trip. I arrived late Wednesday night (or technically Thursday morning) and spent most of Thursday relaxing by myself until my best friend, Cynthia, arrived just in time for a late dinner and drinks. Then Friday was all about hitting the ground running!

◊ Palace of the Fine Arts
My mother told me about this random place near Golden Gate Park from her co-worker called The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre was originally built for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition in 1915, but now serves as a venue for large events. I don’t know how I never knew about this gorgeous place, but I am glad we made our way over. After our photoshoot, we spent a couple of hours just sitting and enjoying the beautiful 70-degree weather. It could not have been a better way to start the day!
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Save Me, San Francisco

Save Me, San Francisco

Disclaimer: long post, but lots of pictures!

After four years of living in California, I finally made it up to NorCal. Last weekend I visited the infamous San Francisco and I was head over heels in love. The moment I went across Bay Bridge Friday morning, I was already in awe of how beautiful the city was. Maybe it was the architecture, maybe it was the fact that I got all of two hours of sleep during that eight hour bus ride, or maybe I was partial towards the overcast, but I was very optimistic about my trip. For some background on why I was in San Francisco, I had no actual reason for being there. I simply wanted to go, found an open weekend, and had a very courteous friend, Ricardo, offer me a place to stay so I bought a bus ticket and made my way up. Continue reading “Save Me, San Francisco”