Back Across the Pond

‘Twas a cold and blustery week, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Last week, I had the absolute privilege (and I do mean privilege) of going back to my third home, the place that started this whole thing: London! I went with my friend, Ilse, who is no stranger to my blog posts. We arrived last Monday and unfortunately had to head back home on Friday, but we made the most of it.

I would like to apologize in advance for the photos that I have (or lack thereof) as they are mostly coming from Snapchat/Instagram. Something we did not anticipate was how windy it happened to be last week, especially after London received a full seven days of sunshine and 80-degree-weather the week prior. Just my luck, right? Between the wind and the random sprinkles, my camera had to spend a lot time tucked away. Nonetheless, we still pushed through and this is what we got up to!

◊ Westminster: Zone 1 (Circle, District, and Jubilee lines)
On Monday night, after an unsuccessful shopping trip on Oxford Street, we jumped over to Covent Garden to explore and get Nando’s (of course)! We continued in the Westminster borough on Tuesday still fully jet lagged, but on a mission. For those who do not know, Big Ben is currently under construction and will be for the next four years. 😦 You can still experience the magic from House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey though! We then took a 15-minute walk over to Buckingham Palace where a woman mistakenly took us for British women (yay!) and strolled through Green Park before heading over to Soho.

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Week Nine: Sunshine

Week Nine: Sunshine

This week has been really interesting. I didn’t go anywhere and or do anything out of the box, but it was just a fantastic week in general. Not to mention, this weather this weekend was absolutely glorious. The sun was shining and it almost felt like 60 degrees, can you believe it?! I think the highlight of my week was the discussions we had in class. They weren’t long and honestly, not many participated (including myself), but they were incredibly thought-provoking which is probably why I couldn’t comprehend a solid response. We talked about morals, fidelity, and what constitutes a just war. These weren’t all in the same class, but I just thought it was cool to bring these things up because I think that it’s not necessarily taboo to discuss these sorts of topics, but it’s surely not the most common 11:00 a.m. conversation. Anyway, just thought I’d share that. Continue reading “Week Nine: Sunshine”