Boston Part One

Boston Part One

Welcome to a recap of my first part of my trip to Boston! This is due to the fact that apparently Boston wasn’t ready for my arrival this time around.

The first day of my trip consisted of an unprecedented, nearly-three-mile trek in jeans and 80% humidity. Then, my second day was dedicated to exploring downtown Boston, but cut short around 2:00 p.m. by an extreme downpour that eventually canceled my flight for Thursday morning. All and all, I left Boston with not nearly as many photos and sadly without my souvenir shot glass for my collection., but this is all the more reason that I will need to visit again very soon!

Where I stayed: Somerville, MA.
My friend Brad courteously hosted me for my two-day stay on the border of Somerville and Cambridge. Somerville is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Boston (without traffic), or 20-minute subway ride from Harvard Square Station to Government Center.

ANE_0279 (2)If you are looking to stay outside of the city, are visiting Harvard, or just want a cheaper alternative to the inner-city prices, I recommend this neighborhood. The subway system is extremely efficient and inexpensive and Boston is up-to-date offering uberpool and LyftLine.

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