Exploring The Fort

I have lived in Texas my whole life and yet, I still can’t believe that it was below freezing with ice on the ground this weekend when it was 80 degrees on Christmas.

Anyway, I decided to do something a little different this weekend and take a drive out west. When you live in Dallas, it’s pretty rare to head towards the other half of DFW unless you are going to TCU. I wanted to see what else Fort Worth, also known as The Fort, had to offer so my friend, Naomi, and I headed to Sundance Square for a few hours this weekend.
Assuming it was due to weather conditions, we had an open square to ourselves on a sunny Saturday afternoon. This allowed us to comfortably explore Downtown Fort Worth and get some great pictures.
img_4620img_4624dsc03651img_4664dsc03677dsc03666What really inspired this trip was our joint wish to explore what our metroplex has to offer, and to get inspiration for potential places to live in the near future as ‘working adults’ (*cringe*). Much to our expectations, all you can really expect to do is eat and shop. However, I did feel Downtown Fort Worth was a lot cleaner than Downtown Dallas and much more quaint and walk-able. Not to mention, there is a FOUR-STORY H&M, so I may be a little biased? I definitely am.
dsc03673dsc03674dsc03668dsc03679dsc03678Again, our experience could be completely affected by the fact that it was 35 degrees outside which would naturally deter any Texan from casually walking outside, but The Fort definitely made a positive impression on me. I will be making a trip out there very soon, if not just for another shopping trip.

Before I go, I would just like to thank everyone again for your comments and likes on my last blog post. I haven’t received that many views since my last study abroad post! I already made a quick video on my snapchat (alexasdrawde) thanking everyone who may not be friends with me on Facebook; however, if you are a fellow reader who stumbled upon my blog last week, I greatly appreciate it. 🙂
xx, AE

2 thoughts on “Exploring The Fort

  1. We are very pleased you enjoyed your trip to Sundance Square. If the weather had cooperated, the traffic throughout Sundance Square would have been quite different. Your photos are very good. I hope you will return soon.


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