M-Town Turnaround

We may as well give a name to these short visits in Memphis.

As of today, I have been back in the states for a week. It feels like more time has passed, but I also feel like that stills gives me an acceptable window of time to relax and recuperate. It was all of four days before I had to pack another bag for this short weekend trip. It’s amazing really how these trips keep getting shorter, but the drive keeps getting longer. There’s not much to report since I spent the entire time visiting with family–especially, my grandma–but I managed to get a couple of shots from when we were out and about.

This was roughly 30 seconds before that dark cloud came our way and started a complete downpour!

Much like Dallas, I haven’t really explored Memphis because I’m always with family. As I’ve gotten older and had some traveling experience, I was interested to see what attracts people to Memphis. Obviously Beale Street is the place to go, but you can also explore many historic museums such as: the National Civil Rights Museum, the Stax Museum, Graceland, Rock ‘n Soul Museum, and, of course, the Blues Hall of Fame. There is also the new Bass Pro shop/lodge in the infamous pyramid by the Hernando de Soto bridge. It sounds weird, but it’s actually really cool inside and they have an observation deck where you can view downtown or the bridges on the Mississippi. Memphis is a pretty cool place to visit if you’re looking for a short weekend trip in the south!

xx, AE

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